Joonjae Ryu

Ph.D. student
Email Address:

B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Seoul National University

M.S. in Energy, Texas A&M University

Optimization models/frameworks for process synthesis

Publications List: 

  1. Ryu J, Maravelias CT. Computationally Efficient Optimization Models for Preliminary Distillation Column Design and Separation Energy Targeting. Computers and Chemical Engineering, 143, 107072, 2020. (DOI:
  2. Ryu J, Kong L, Lima AEP, Maravelias CT. A Generalized Superstructure-based Framework for Process Synthesis. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 133, 106653, 2020. (DOI:
  3. Ryu J, Maravelias CT. Simultaneous Process and Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis Using a Discrete Temperature Grid. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 58, 6002-6016, 2019. (DOI: