Chemical production scheduling problems are computationally challenging, due to the presence of a large number of binary decisions, and at the same time are quite diverse as they arise in very different production environments. Accordingly, to address the computational challenge, the group has been developing models for different types of problems (Lee and Maravelias, 2017; Velez and Maravelias, 2013b; Sundaramoorthy and Maravelias, 2011; Velez and Maravelias, 2013a), as well as problems with different processing features, such as time-varying utility price and availability (Velez and Maravelias, 2015), sequence-dependent changeovers (Velez et al., 2017), and periodic production (Wu and Maravelias, 2020). The methods developed in the group allow us to address real-world problems (Figure 1). The result of these methods are detailed schedules, often represented as Gantt charts (Figure 2).


Heineken Facility

Figure 1. Outline of a Heineken facility



Gantt Chart

Figure 2. Gantt chart based on a Heineken facility


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